Friday, 23 February 2018

Skaven Onager Conversion Vs Mechanicus Onager

Just for fun, some side by side shots of my 40k Skaven Onager (In the slightly dodgy teal/blue airbrush) and my brother's really nice completed Onager.

We had a bit of a Squaduary paint up the other day, and I took the opportunity to take these shots at the start of the session. I'd just finished airbrushing the basic colours in time to start the real work, so sorry it's a bit basic. As he brought over all of his Mechanicus, I thought it might be interesting to see how the two vehicles compared structurally.

Scale wise, you can see that the Skaven version is a bit longer, but actually it isn't that noticeable. It's strange, but it almost looks like a new Mechanicus unit or something. They wouldn't look out of place next to each other if it wasn't for the clashing colours.

It'll be a lot of work, but I'm still planning to finish this thing off in time for the end of Squaduary. With any luck, I can really nail it over the weekend and have a finished model on display by the time next Wednesday rolls round. I can't believe how short this month has seemed!

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Squaduary 40k Skaven - The End of Week 3

I finished my official pledge this week, so for me the struggle is over. Thanks to Rory over at Stepping Between Games for running this awesome community event!

Just for fun, I've taken some exciting group shots of the 40k Skaven I've been working on. I'm really happy with how they look; especially as this army has been a far fetched pipe-dream project for me for so long.


Despite all of the work that I've put into this force in February, I'm still not finished and I'm planning to paint this converted Onager (pictured below) by the end of February too. Hopefully it'll make for a photo finish, and give me one final update for Squaduary to go with the final wave of posts next week!

Interestingly, if I can paint this thing, it'll be the equivalent of having painted the entire Start Collecting Box!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

40k Skaven Jezzails; Converting Transuranic Arquebuses

Given a few modifications, theses conversions would also be suitable for Age of Sigmar for use as Jezzails. For my purposes, I'm using them as Transuranic Arquebuses for my 40k Skaven/Mechanicus.
I really had 2 options available when I made these. One was to get hold of actual Transuranic Arquebus parts to build them. Unfortunately, they're a bit expensive and hard to get hold of. Being cheap, I wanted another option.

Handily, my brother has a large Skitarii force with plenty of spares. He gave me a pair of Radium Jezzails and I combined them with some ordinary ranger arms to make these guys. The little front stands were created using some spare bits from the Onager and an old smoke launcher. Other than that, the rest of the squad was made exactly the same as the first one that I built.

I decided to stick with the Carbines for all of my ordinary men. I had thought of building this unit as Rangers rather than Vanguard, but the parts just didn't look right to me. They just looked like Skaven with muskets when I sized the parts up, which wasn't really what I was going for as they needed to look a bit more indeterminately futuristic.

Anyway, I've finished the squad off and they're now ready for paint. They didn't take that long as I've got the conversion process down now. If I can finish painting these guys then I'll have 2 units of troops ready for battle, which always feels like a benchmark in an army.

If you missed the rest of the force, then be sure to check out my other posts:

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Building a 40k Skaven Tank - The Ratchikoma Appears!

Every Clan Rat worth his salt is going to want to be seen cruising about in one of these bad boys! 

For my first vehicle, I wanted to make something interesting and unique for my 40k Skaven without it being completely unrecognisable when the army goes to war. This conversion is probably about 90% Onager parts with just a few additional bits. A lot of it was jostled about and repurposed though to make it work.

The major difference is obviously that I have created an insectile segmented body; with a frontal section and head that attaches on to the rear cab by a new joint. It wasn't that hard to achieve, and in the end, I made a connection with an old dreadnought arm and a spare Tau part from the Ghostkeel. I flipped the actual cab round 180 degrees and then mounted the weapon on top of the crew hatch like a turret. 

It might be a bit outside my Squaduary pledge, but being as I finished 10 men and a Dominus for my 40k Skaven, I thought I might as well paint up the only other thing that you get in one of the Start Collecting sets. So if I can, I'm planning to finish this beast by the end of February.

I'm pretty happy with the frontal lens array and little manipulator arms.

There is room on the balcony for a crewman (rat man). I've built him, but I stuck him on a base to be painted separately, and forgot to include him in the pictures. I wanted at least one Skaven on it to tie it  definitively with the rest of the force without resorting to just gluing some additional armour on a doom wheel or anything!

I've dubbed it the Ratchikoma, as the basic design is based almost exclusively on the Tachikoma tanks from Ghost in the Shell. I always wanted to build something akin to one of them, and now I have. It'll be pretty blue once I get some paint on it too; which I'll find hilarious. I've added a few pictures below that show it's very non-40k counterparts.

I'm really happy with the conversion (so much so that I want to make a second one!). I'll have to get this one painted up first though. I think what I like the most is that it has that sinister feel that is really cool and fitting for an "evil" army. Check back later to see how I get on.

PS. Who else thinks this thing would be an excellent addition to a Dark Mechanicus force too?

Monday, 19 February 2018

Squaduary, 40k Skaven Dominus; Ikit Claw in 40k!

Well, that was a lot of work. I was really enjoying it till about the midway point and then it gradually felt harder and harder to continue. All of the detail was killing me!  It was a cool idea to base him around the Dominus model, but it was already encrusted with detail, and the conversions only added more!

He came out well though, and I'm really happy with the result. For those who were following my progress with Squaduary, he is the last model from my pledge, so he rounds the whole thing out. I'm planning to keep going though and add one further thing this month if I have the time to cram it in. It isn't necessarily a squad, and it is a bit of a whopper. I'll be posting about that tomorrow as I just finished the build.

Back to Ikit, I carried through the same colour scheme I had used on the Vanguard. I added a few more layers into the yellow though to give it a bit more flash. For the ordinary Skaven, it was just a few layers of various yellows. I added in a brown basecoat and white final highlight to the recipie to give it a bit more punch; mostly because it s a lot more prevalent on him and it needed to look good!

I'm particularly happy with the tanks on his back. The axe looks pretty interesting too.

Well, that about rounds it out. Check back tomorrow to see the next 40k Skaven creation.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Necromunda Escher Miniatures Metal Vs Plastic Comparison

With the release of the new edition of Necromunda, I thought it might be fun to compare the new figures to some of the original 90s metal figures. Going into the new set, I wanted to be able to use some of my older miniatures, but I was always concerned that the scale wouldn't fit. Obviously details and casting have come on, although I do think that a lot of the 90s Necromunda miniatures were way ahead of their time in terms of quality.

Plastic Escher in the centre, metals either side.

Scale wise, the Escher match quite closely. The new plastics are bigger, but not noticeably on the tabletop. If anything, it gives quite a natural variation in height. Detail-wise, the plastics took a lot of the elements from the metal miniatures, so they really do look quite good together and only an experienced eye is really going to be able to pick them out.

I also wanted to make this post as most of the time when you see them side by side it's a lovely new model with a really crusty old one. As I've painted these all recently, it seemed a lot fairer, as you're not swayed so much just by the paint/built quality, and can actually see what they look like painted and based next to each other.

All I can say is that I'm happy to have both in my gang!

Again, old metals either side of the plastic ganger.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Squaduary Week 2 - 40k Skaven, 10 complete Vanguard

Well, I managed to get the rest of the squad painted up. I batched the last 3, which I don't think I'll do again as it felt really laborious!

This completes the main part of my pledge for Squaduary. I still have the Rat-Dominus to go, which I'm both looking forward to and dreading in equal measure. He is a really detailed model, so it might take a while. With that said, I have until the end of February to get him finished.

I'm really happy with how these guys came out. Let's hope I can keep this army going! I've started building a few more units for them, but they're very much in the "Frankenstein" stage; kinda messy and half finished! That said, I'll probably be showcasing what I've come up with next week some time, so be sure to check back if you're enjoying the project.

I've used my Necromunda scenery to pose them with as the rusty sewer seemed to suit them.

It sure was a lot of work to paint all of these guys to this standard in one week. I may not be Golden Demon standard, but I pride myself on my speed & quality!