Friday, 16 March 2018

Monster March - Stormfiends/Kastelan Robots Week 2

Well, I'm on target to get these guys finished. I've completed all of the teal armour, and basecoated and washed the skin down. I also added a base coat to the base, so I've made a start on most of the areas. I added a few more parts to them too and finished the gap fill since my post last week.

I'm painting them as a batch together as there are a lot of mixed colours, and I can't be bothered to do it all twice! It is starting to feel like a bit of a strain though. I think I overdid it in February, so after I finish these two, it'll be time for a break from 40k for a while. There is a local painting competition coming up soon too, so maybe that'll give me a bit of a break from it all.

Just to prove that I'm making decent progress, I've painted their backs too! I really like the little brain rats on their backs, although I'm a little confused as to how they were supposed to fit in fantasy with brain rats that seem to have some type of psychic hoods on them on the models. I know Skaven always had a lot of technology, but really?

Anyway, that rounds out this week's progress. We're about half way there, and I'm probably over the half way mark, so things are looking pretty good.

Friday, 9 March 2018

40k Skaven, Finished Transuranic Arquebus Squad

Just a quick post to show one of the units that I painted for this year's Squaduary. They were a bit of a last minute addition after I had finished the 10 man Vanguard unit, and I didn't get to post any individual pictures of them at the time.

The arquebuses are actually conversions using Jezzails from the Dragoon kit (somewhat ironic that they're called Jezzails, just like the classic Skaven models). I had to build the rests for them, and I was careful to make sure that they matched, so I used some spare rails from the Onager's Eradication Beam that I had 2 of.

It's cool having 2 finished troop choices and an HQ anyway, as it feels like the basics have been taken care of.

I'm still working on a pair of Stormfiends for the army for Monster March, so check back later to see how I get on.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

40k Skaven Sicarian Infiltrators - Gutter Runners in the 41st Millennium

To say that I'm proud of these conversions would be an understatement. They might just be my favourite thing from the army so far!

I have to admit that I really love the standard Sicarian models, so I was a bit hesitant to start carving them up to make them more Skaven-y. I ended up doing a lot of carving about to make them. I had to repurpose a lot of parts and  having 3 or four arms on each one seems to be the theme that I've gone for this time.

I've used some Storm Vermin leg plates to create the Samurai-type armour on the tops of the arms.

Probably the best picture of the squad. They don't always look quite true to life in the other shots where I've singled them out, but this one nails it. Apologies for the half painted one at the back. He was a bit of a salvage from an older project.
I managed to get them looking good by taking the Stormvermin bodies and cutting them at the waist on the front half. I then merged those parts onto the Sicarian legs and arms with some greenstuff to fill in the gaps and make the robes. They do still need a bit of work to fill in some of the areas that I haven't gotten round to. In particular some of the gaps around the eye lenses and sensors that I grafted onto the Stormvermin heads need a bit of work. Handily, the backpacks gave me a number of cool bits to add to them to tech them up suitably.

If I can keep working well, I'm hoping to batch these up for undercoats and basecoats with the airbrush at the same time as the 2 Stormfiends I've been working on for Monster March.

Threatening, or singing? You decide! I couldn't help but use the chord claws to create cool poses.

Special knife ... for stabbing. I sahved a few heads flat to get a different look from the standard Stormvermin.

You can see how the build is put together a bit more clearly by looking at the backs of the figures.
Well that about sums it all up. I think I've achieved what I set out to with these. I really liked the idea that they would be a support unit; a bit like the skirmishing Night Runners. For that reason, I wanted to go with the guns. I also really like the Taser Goads as I think they look great with the Skaven aesthetic. All in all it was an easy decision to make for the armaments.
Well that about rounds it out for now. Check back later to see how I get on with the next wave of painting!

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Showcase: Converted Onager, 40k Skaven Tank - "The Doomcrawler"

I finished painting this conversion as part of Squaduary, but I didn't get the time to take proper photos of it, other than the group shots with the army. I thought it would be cool to do a little showcase with more angles, so people could get a better look at it.

I'm really happy with how this thing came out, especially with the paint all finished up. I felt like it needed a crewman to really tie it in with the rest of the force and to make it clear what force it belongs to.

The original build was inspired by the Tachikomas from Ghost in the Shell, and the blue colour certainly brings it home. If you missed my earlier posts, this thing is basically an Onager with the cab flipper 180 degrees and joined to the back of the main leg section with a custom joint. Almost all of the pieces used are from the original Onager kit. 

I had originally thought of equipping it with the Iccarus Array, but when I sized up the parts I chose the Neutron Laser as it was the only gun big enough to fit the stretched out frame. Despite the increased length, it still balances really well on the base, and the build is as solid as a rock; although some of the is probably due to the great bond you get with plastic glue!

I'm happy with the crewman too. He has a little radio and control stick to give orders with. The radio voice piece actually connects to a little transmitter on his belt, but I forgot to take a picture of it. I painted him separately from the main tank, but he is the only part that was separated for painting. I might have broken it up more, but the extent of the conversion wouldn't allow it.

I'm still working on the army. I've got some Stormfiends that I'm working on for Monster March, and I've also been working on another unit that I'll post about tomorrow. Until next time then...

Monday, 5 March 2018

Monster March 2018 - 40k Skaven Stormfiends/Kastelan Robots

With a very successful Squaduary out of the way, I thought it was about time for a rest.

Or Not...

So I signed up to the very next painting challenge that came along!

If you missed it last year, Monster March is an event being run by Sword Master over at Path of an Outcast. Much like Squaduary, the event is a month long painting challenge. As the title suggests, the theme for this one is "monster" or something big and monstrous.

For my part, I've pledged a pair of converted Stormfiends to be used as Kastelan Robots for my 40k Skaven/Mechanicus force. I think painting them should be quite manageable in a month, especially compared to the quantity of models that I put out in February. They should give me a good boost in points and add some much needed backbone to the force. If I have the time, I'll also add a Datasmith to the force, as one would traditionally accompany them into battle.

I've had these models since Christmas, and they were one of the main inspirations for the force. I don't think they'll need too much conversion, as they already look like they belong in 40k, so with any luck a few techno-bits skilfully placed should do the trick. I also have some other units in the works, so there should be a steady stream of posts coming over the next few weeks as work continues.

I have done some more extensive work on one of them; building a large double handed twin heavy phosphor blaster. I'm most happy with the little mechanical arm and leaver set up. These pictures are still very much work in progress, so there will be more work and more filling yet to come. In particular, the gun needs more work, but as this is a challenge that will be running all month, I wanted to get a post up to introduce what I was doing.

The shoulder mounts look better in person, maybe it's the pale colour of the resin compared to the rest of the model?

The mechanical arm is my favourite part.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Bungo the Barbarian, Chapter 20 – Between Delusion and a Hard Place

Shallica, can you hear me?” Bungo’s rich baritone voice seemed oddly distant to the she-demon. Teetering on the verge of consciousness; she began to feel an odd sensation. She could feel herself being lifted from the ground in Bungo’s powerful arms. Shallica squealed inwardly with delight at the sensation; her lofty thoughts of their love and daydreams about the wedding ceremony were shattered moments later when the embrace turned into a colossal burping as Bungo bounced her on his shoulder. The mood was well and truly ruined when she coughed up a pint of tepid seawater down Bungo’s chiselled back, and he plunked her down on her feet unceremoniously.


The oafsome barbarian resolved into focus as Shallica drearily opened her eyes. He was leaning over her with a look of concern; and more importantly he wasn’t wearing a chamber pot helmet on his head for the first time in weeks. They seemed to have washed up on some type of beach, but there was no sign of their ship, or any wreckage to speak of.


“What happened, anyway?” The barbarian seemed even more clueless than usual. “The last thing I remember I was sitting down to a nice dinner and some bunk swill. There was a storm, and…”


“Bungo?” Shallica’s eyes filled with tears and she threw her arms around him; although at him might have been a more apt description of the motion as the barbarian’s girth was so great that she could barely reach across his herculean chest with both arms fully outstretched.


“You’ve come back to your senses!”


The conversation that followed lasted some time, as Shallica had to explain every event since Bungo had been bludgeoned into senselessness. She left out a few of the details about how he had been calling himself “Donglore”, and she thought that he would rather not know that he had been wearing a chamber pot on his head. Despite her attempts to streamline the conversation, it took several hours as she laboriously explained simple concepts like “ship” and “mast”. Finally Bungo’s expression cleared in some dim facsimile of what most people would call understanding. A second later, his brow furrowed with confusion once again and his finger was poised; ready with a fresh question.


“Just one more thing…” the barbarian stroked his jaw thoughtfully for a moment before spinning around and pointing almost directly upwards at the colossal spires of Turdmundaz that spiralled off into the seemingly infinite sky only mere feet away from where the two of them were stood “What are we doing here?”


There was a short dumbfounded pause.


“You know what they do to you here…” Bungo had a feverish look about him as he spoke nervously. His voice suddenly dropped to a whisper “That!”


Shallica looked at him quizzically; her large amber eyes exploring Bungo’s oddly shaken visage with a new sense of interest. Taken in by his sudden change in demeanour, she lowered her voice and leaned closer to the panic stricken warrior, giving them the appearance of a pair of plotting thieves.


“What is … That!?” she whispered the last part rather loudly, as her enthusiasm ran wild. Bungo’s hand almost immediately came up and covered her mouth.


“Shhhh.” The barbarian’s eyes darted from side to side.


“Don’t say it, don’t even think it …. I’ll tell you, but only once, and we’ll never speak of it again”. Shallica’s delicate face bobbed up and down, still partially smothered by Bungo’s hand.


“I’ve been here before.” He began quietly.


“It was a long time ago, but I’ll never forget what I saw.” Shallica was already completely absorbed, and a little scared too.


“We were captured by them.” Bungo motioned to Turdmundaz “the Butt-Goblins!” His voice went strange and high pitched with the last word, adding a sense of eerie mysticism to the tale. Shallica jumped slightly.


“There was one man; young and strong. They took him into a cell. He was screaming, crying out for his mother after just seeing it. Then they made us watch while they ….” His voice was drowned out momentarily by a particularly large wave that crashed against the shore. Shallica couldn’t make out the words, but she could see Bungo go red in the face. His eyes bulged from their sockets and sweat ran in torrents from his forehead as he gesticulated wildly; his whirling arms seeming to form some type of repetitive plunging motion.


His muffled disposition continued until the sound of the waves began to grow quieter, and Bungo seemed to reach a crescendo. Finally his voice cleared.


“Until the handle broke off! And then they just pulled his pants up like it was nothing!” He stopped; wheezing, with a crazed look in his eyes.


“Like it was nothing!!” Bungo buried his head in the sea. The last declarations were drowned out gurgles as he continued his tirade underwater, but she could still make out that he was saying something about “that”.


Shallica just stood there shaking; left to imagine unknown horrors that would never be divulged.




Monday, 26 February 2018

Squaduary 2018: The End, 40k Skaven Army Showcase

Well, I'm finally finished. The challenge was to paint a squad in February, and I pledged 10 40k Skaven troops (for use as Skitarii Vanguard) with a Dominus as the extra stretch goal. I've absolutely smashed my original target. This year, I'm delivering 10 Vanguard and the Dominus, plus the Doom-Crawler (Onager) and an additional 5 man Arquebus unit.

The pictures are a bit cramped as I've done so much that they don't really fit in my usual photo area! I'll be posting some more shots of the units individually soon, but for the moment, I need a rest!

You can see every man in this picture!

I'm really happy with how they've come out. The teal has been fun to paint, which is lucky as I've seen a lot of it now. I'm particularly happy with the converted Onager, which is looking great. I want to make another one now, but I'm trying to stay sensible, well almost.

I've already got a load more units on my work desk, but I'll be taking it a bit slower with the next batch. The important part is that I have enough units finished to really count the army as a proper thing; not to mention a good base to build from. I can't believe it's only been a month since I started this force. 

Once again, thanks to Rory over at Stepping Between Games for running this year's Squaduary. I wouldn't have even started these guys without the event!